My Sacred Homebirth with Baby Avril

September 12, 2018


In my heart I really, really wanted a home birth! I just felt good about doing one and I had already had two natural births that were quite easy. We asked for referrals and interviewed with three different midwives. I was looking for someone with a lot of experience, who was especially natural minded and whose vibes and personality just really meshed with mine. Then I met our midwife Jennifer! She was the most calm and energetically clear person I had ever met! 


Over the months we got to meet with her one on one for an hour each time and really got to know each other! She is also a trained hypnotherapist and did a session on me and released any fears I had about birth. Towards the end of my pregnancy she threw me a Blessingway as well. It's like having a "mama shower" where everyone makes you crafts that encourage a positive birth experience and shower you with love. 


Over the last few months I had taken out my HypnoBabies kit and studied self hypnosis for childbirth each day for an hour. It really was my special time to feel calm and connected to my unborn babe!



On Sunday I woke up at 12:30am and just knew I was in my birthing time! I labored for a few hours and called my midwife and she said I should wake up Gavin to set up our birthing tub in a few hours. I labored all throughout the night resting, taking short naps on the couch and cuddling in between. I had only gotten 45 minutes of sleep before I woke up in my birthing time but I think the excitement and adrenaline kept me going!


My midwife, her assistant and partner midwife came in the morning, maybe between 6-7am. I pretty much stayed in the birthing tub from then on. It was quite warm! I was getting impatient because my other births had been so much faster as my total birthing time was 11 hours. I had her check me around 8am and I was dilated to 7cm, so that was the start of "transition." Most of the time this stage of the birthing time can be minutes to up to an hour long. My transition was 3 hours but I kept going deeper into my hypnosis so it felt like it went by way faster!


I checked myself (tmi?) and I felt her head and began to gently push. I was in the tub sort of sitting on the little bench in the tub. I had visualized reaching down and receiving my own baby. Well, I could tell she was in an odd position by the way the birthing waves were going so I decided to turn around and lean over the side of the tub for one more birthing wave and then I planned to turn around and breathe my baby out. Well, after that wave she was crowning and I didn't feel like waiting until the next surge to push. I stood up to turn around so I could deliver her my dream way but that wasn't happening! I strongly pushed standing up and she came out just like that! My midwife reached down and received her because I was way tired. Haha.



Everyone helped me out of the tub and handed me miss Avril and I laid on my couch that was next to the tub in my living room. Avril was WIDE awake complete alert and aware of her surroundings! I have never seen a baby so alert! She didn't cry, she just looked around with wide eyes while I cuddled her. 


She was beautiful, she looked like her big sissy but had lots of almost black hair. While we nursed my midwife's assistant, Darcy, gave me coconut water and a gluten free pancake. I hadn't eaten that entire time or drank much water but I wished I had. 


This was the most spiritual, sacred experience I had ever had! It was seriously so incredible I could never put into words how magical this day was. Homebirths are like none other because everyone is calm, comfortable and relaxed in their own environment and can more easily feel God's love and peace, in my experience. 


Eventually we made it into my bedroom to rest and cuddle and my older two kids were able to meet their sweet sissy. We are so grateful this angelic babe was given to our family!


If you are considering a natural birth or home birth I hope this story was encouraging! Us women are WAY more powerful than we even realize! Your body was MADE to do this and if you believe you can, you CAN! 


*Photography by Nicole Coombs Photography








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