The 90 Second Rule back to Joy

May 17, 2018


We all get in a "mood", right?  Something unexpected happens, the baby just keeps crying, or your kids made a coconut oil slip-n-slide again and you literally just can't take it anymore.  Now you're just upset. Angry because who knows why and now you are going to have a "bad day". Sound familiar?!


Why do we let ourselves have a "bad day"? Why not a "bad moment", a "bad morning" or better yet, a "bad 90 seconds". Chessa, 90 seconds?!? Is this a joke?! That's not long enough to throw an adult sized tantrum in a mature way while simultaneously trying to find all that chocolate I hid from myself because of my dream bikini bod! So how the heck do you only feel your negative emotions for a quick 90 seconds??


Your brain is wired for survival, not happiness. It takes training your brain to change this. We need to free our minds of suffering so we can feel pure joy every minute of our days! I challenge you to give yourself just 90 seconds of anger, frustration, disappointment, loneliness and then get back to your happiness!



When your mind goes to that negative state, try to understand what has caused you to feel this way. Then consciously decide, you just aren't going to feel that anymore. I say a quick prayer, turn on a song if I'm in the car or take some slow breathes.  Mostly I just think it away and choose the emotion I need to replace it. It takes mental discipline.  Try to solve that problem from a happy state, not a negative state. Practice. Fail. Keep trying. Practice, again. You'll get there!


I did this today and... I was actually only upset for 90 seconds, it was a miracle!! I like to down play things in my mind, too. Instead of, "Holy cow, tiny people, I just got you ready and then when I go to get myself dressed you all are playing with the hose, in the mud, with all your fresh hair and clothes on!" Now I'm trying, "Ok, well. I can get these kids rinsed and changed and we will only be 10 minutes late for our commitment. And hey, there wasn't any blood, so that's exciting."



I also do this at Crossfit! I used to think, "Holy cow this is death. Literal death. I hope my husband remembers I wanted all white roses at my funeral." Now I think to myself, "Wow, this isn't too bad. How am I already halfway through the AMRAP (workout)? This is going fast and I'm really getting better at it. Plus, how grateful are the male Crossfitters that I showed up today??"  ;)


Give it a try.  Train your brain using the 90 second rule and live your life in a beautiful state, all of the time! Thanks Tony Robbins for teaching me this.



What do you do to get out of your funk and get back to your blissful state of mind?



With love,







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