Natural Birth Story of My First Daughter, Vera

April 30, 2018


Vera is like a real life angel... and she brought so much light into my life the day she was born. She's just the sweetest. 



I was 25 when I had Vera, at 41 weeks exactly. I had a very quick, pain free natural birth using hypnosis with my first baby so I studied the program again. HypnoBabies is the greatest self taught self hypnosis tool there is! I recommend it to everyone who wants a natural childbirth. The thing about hypnosis is you can't "try" it and see if it works. You need to believe it is going to work and there isn't a plan B. You are reprogramming your subconscious to believe only positive things about your pregnancy and childbirth, and it's incredibly empowering.  



That morning (around 11) I had a midwife appointment just to make sure everything was still going great and I remember being there thinking, "Man, these Braxxton Hicks are coming exactly every 10 minutes, and no one has even asked if I am in my birthing time." Haha. I could have just spoken up? Well we left the midwife and went straight to WinCo to get clear Powerade, gum ect. because I was finally going to get prepared at 41 weeks to have a baby! ;)


The rest of the day I stayed home. I had a wild 2.5 year old boy to take care of so that kept me busy in my early stage. After I put him down for a nap at 4:00 pm I decided to soak in the bath because I had heard that relaxes you while in your birthing time. After that, I naturally began to touch up my make up while listening to my HypnoBabies tracks from my iPod. For some reason I was so focused on looking beautiful for my first daughter to first see me. :)


We asked the neighbor kid to come over and stay at the house while our son napped so we could go to the hospital. I woke my husband up from a nap and told him it was time to go. You know when you first wake up and you are all sluggish?? It was not his time to be sluggish because I had to go! Haha. 


We got to the hospital and they checked us in while I ignored everyone and just listened to my tracks. I told them I wasn't going to triage (because I don't think I care for the idea of triage) and they got me to a room. (It's funny how high maintenance you get while in your birthing time, right?!) At first all the nurses rushed in with the noises and lights and everything I don't like to labor with. Haha. I would just close my eyes and act like I was too deep into hypnosis to acknowledge anyone. My husband knew all the things I'd be denying such as antibiotics and the stinkin' I.V. and heplock. So I signed the waivers and went back to my focusing. 



In this stage of life I was in, to be honest I was often very anxious, a bit depressed and feeling lonely. I had a lot of outside pressures and challenges and so these next few hours of my birthing time sort of reflected that. It was just me and my husband alone in the room for a few hours until our midwife came in at the end. My "hypno-doula" husband did a great job supporting me during this long, quiet time! He just needed way more knock knock jokes or something to occupy my mind during the quiet times between the surges. Haha.


I bounced on a birthing ball while my husband put pressure on my back... a trick I just learned how to properly do while doing my doula training. I loved the intimacy of just the two of us, bringing our first baby girl Earth side. 



It was then time to breath my baby out so I climbed on the bed and the midwife, a nurse and midwife in training came in. My midwife didn't ask me if I wanted a student midwife there or if I wanted her to do the exams or receive my baby, or basically do her entire job, but that's what happened. Haha. Anywho the assistant checked me and said baby was at a negative 1 station and said to wait to push. I pushed anyway then she checked me and she had moved to a plus 1 station and then the next push her head was out! I could tell she had a little head and it was so easy to birth her.


She was THE cutest and we did immediate skin to skin and started nursing fairly soon after that to help with establishing breastfeeding, bonding and contracting my uterus more. Once the cord stopped pulsing, Gavin cut the cord. She got wiped down and weighed, etc about 2 hours after birth. I felt rushed as they tried to get me up and showered and moved to the next room. Like, let a mama rest after birth! :)



She was born that evening after about 7.5 hours of surges and about 4.5 of them being in my "actual birthing time" is how I perceive it. Births always seem so surreal, don't they? One of the things I love most is that when you are in your birthing time, you are really present in every second of it. No other time in your life are you really just feeling each second of your life.


This was such a magical experience and a beautiful, sacred birth (as all births really are). Lots of hardships came after this birth but having this sweet, healing soul really kept me going. Love you, baby girl!!! 


Xo, Chessa


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