Disneyland and California Adventure

March 26, 2018


We just had our first trip to Disneyland with our kids last week and they totally loved it! It was so worth it and we all had such a fun time! Gram has been begging to go to Disneyland so when my husband's family was going it was a great opportunity to join them. 


We didn't tell our kids we were going until we got to California and it was so anticlimatic!! Haha. We thought they would be shock and so ecstatic but they played it cool and didn't really say much! But the morning of going they were sooo excited!! 




We stayed in an Air-bnb with Gavin's mom and her husband and Gavin's brother and their sweet family. My mother-in-law found an incredible house just 10 minutes (walking) from Disneyland. It was so spread out that we each had our own bathrooms and they let my family take up 3 of the rooms. Haha. So if you can stay with friends or family, it's a pretty good deal to stay at an Air-bnb. We also stayed one night at a hotel we booked last minute and got a good deal, too! (We decided to go one day early with my Bother-in-laws family).


At Disneyland we rode a lot of the rides together as a little family and then Gavin would get fast passes for him and Gram to go ride the big kid rides. Thank goodness for tall kindergarteners! I loved riding the girly rides and baby rides with my daughters. My pregnant sister-in-law and mother-in-law took turns watching our toddler or kid so we could ride the adult rides, too. We also saw some princesses and the characters that live in Toon Town.



We spent 2 full days at Disneyland without leaving and then 1 day at California Adventure. Gavin's Apple watch said we walked about 7 miles each day! After day 2 my body hurt so bad, and I do Crossfit so that says a lot. Haha. The 2 full days at Disney was perfect. We didn't need to rush but got to ride every ride we wanted. We did all the rides from each side of the park and found some new rides, too.




We packed lots of snacks and sandwiches so we could keep riding and not have to sit and eat for a long time. Although we ate corndogs (highly recommended), cheeseburgers, pizza and salads while we were there. I'm gluten free and I didn't have a hard time finding food at the parks that were gluten free! Some people even eat Paleo there and don't have a problem finding that there, too.



We got "Max passes" from the Disney App that let's you get fast passes through the app instead of going across the park to get each one. That really helped us plan each ride out that was busy. The app really helped us although it's expensive. Gavin also found a ride planning app (Ride Max app?) that you select each ride you want to go on and it will plan out your day for you and tell you which fast passes to get and when, etc so you can schedule it all out so you make the most of your time there!




This is where lots of characters are! There are shows too with characters. We saw the Frozen play (kind of like a Broadway play) and that was nice to relax our bodies for an hour or so. The girls and I played around in Bug's Land and rode the Ariel ride a lot. There wasn't many other little kid rides to do. We waited in line to see Anna and Elsa and they kept shutting down the line and making us leave. We waisted a lot of time waiting for rides and events just for them to get shut down and close randomly or the rides would break (one while Gavin and Gram were stuck on it for 45 minutes!). A few of the really big rides were shut down too. Not sure if you can check when rides will be shut down or not? So that was disappointing but we still had a great time! Our favorite ride there was definitely the Cars ride!! It reminded me of how fast you drive at the Sand Dunes! 


We finally bought a double stroller for this trip and I really loved it! It was affordable even for a double stroller so I thought I would tell ya it's from Amazon... Link below!




Check back soon for our next vacation post as we just got back from Maui this week!



 Xo, Chessa

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