9 Tips on How to Stay Positive/Happy as a Modern Mom

March 6, 2018


Today I wanted to share what I do or how I think that has kept me being so happy and feeling peace in this often fast paced, stressful and competitive world. I've been working on finding myself again after having 3 children and making sure my happiness is a priority so I can be a better mother. And man, when mama is good, everybody is good! Haha.


I've had a shift in thinking since I have been listening to new podcasts and motivational speakers. I heard the quote, "One Life. One at bat." It sent me chills because how much time in this sacred phase in our life do we spend in "survival mode"? I had spent quite sometime during my motherhood where I was just surviving, laying on the couch sick (after getting very interrupted 4-7 hours of sleep each night for 5 1/2 years) letting my kids watch too much TV, binging on chocolate daily, and letting my kids run my life instead of me running theirs. Eek. 



It was time to take my life back and I finally could after my MIL taught my breastfeeding baby to sleep at night last summer. My husband helped me sign up for Crossfit and we decided to move from 100% homeschool to part time private school and part time homeschool. I had a lot of "cleaning house" to do in my life and really fulfilling that leadership role as a mama was part of it. So now I could sleep through the night, was doing the hardest workouts ever after not exercising in 3 years, and I had more time to grow myself and bond with my girls. Rest, confidence and time.


I started realizing how very blessed I am. Life is good even when it's not! Perspective is everything and so is positivity. 



Here are my tips for a positive mindset:


1) Gratitude! I try to look for the good in every moment. I think everything happens for a reason so if something is difficult or just stinks I try to figure out what could be learned from it and find the good.


2) So since hearing the phrase, "One Life" I have really wanted to enjoy and live life like it's my only shot! I also don't want to have any regrets! The most valuable thing we have is TIME and I want to use it in the best way possible.


3) Your inner circle. I recently heard a speaker say, "Show me who your friends are and I can tell you how happy you are." The people in your inner circle have such an impact on how you feel, think, act and become, so spend more time with others who lift you up. If you don't have a lot of friends who are optimistic currently, it is ok to take a break from them and just spend sometime with yourself. You are worth more than negativity and this could be a great time to reflect.

4) Service. I've felt a lot of joy of serving or including others. Like if I meet a mom at the park/gym/anywhere who looks lonely, I become her new friend. I used to wonder why others wouldn't reach out, etc. and now I'm the one who treats others how I wish I could have been treated in my dark times.



5) I also try to make everyday a "great day." So if that means I meet up with a friend who is kind or I get to make forts out of the couch with my kids and really connect, serve or love those people, it's a really great day!


6) My husband's great advice to me is "stay neutral". Like, not letting what others do and say affect your happiness. Which that's the hardest thing because it's so easy to have hurt feelings or get offended!


7) Confidence. I just haven't had a lot my whole life but doing my first natural birth and becoming a mother really helped me appreciate myself and know I could do hard things. Coming into my own, learning about myself and "doubling down on my strengths" has really just been awesome! I'm very heart based, obviously, so I'm drawn to give love, feel peace, make things comfortable and feel connection. Those are my strengths and I focus on those and it builds me up. If you are fun or smart or a go getter, I hope you find satisfaction from being your unique self! You truly are one of a kind. 



8) What you magnify, you get more of. When you find the good in your friends, your kids, your spouse, your coworker, etc then good is what you get! Kindness, love and support will be everywhere! I've experienced this and the only thing that changed was my perspective. :)


9) Last but most important, I pray and try my best to stay close to God, everyday. Everything I have it's because God blessed me with it and I owe my gratitude to him through everything. I try to have the Holy Spirit with me as much as possible so that means if I feel my heart feels dark or muddy I change the situation. Like, if it's a mean person I'm around I leave or if social media is making me feel envious I close out and pray that my heart can feel good again. So I pray a lot and I know God wants to help me through it all because I'm raising his children to hopefully benefit society! ;)


What are some things you do or thoughts you have to keep yourself positive?! 


Xo, Chessa

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