Placenta Encapsulation and Should You Do It?

February 13, 2018


Today I wanted to share my experience on getting my placenta encapsulated and the benefits I receive taking the capsules.


After delivering my second child, I had a friend come to the hospital and pick up my placenta. The hospital puts it in a special bucket in the fridge to save until your doula/midwife/friend/sister/yourself comes to get it. My friend then dehydrated it at her house, put it in the blender and then made capsules out of it. She said it made more than average at 175 large capsules. 


She charged me $75. I think most people will do it between $100-$250 which includes a pick up fee to go get your placenta. Many women will do trades for capsulation services so if you are on a budget, barter if that is what they will except! So worth it.


I was battling mastitis in the first few weeks or so after delivery, so I wasn't able to take my capsules ASAP. Placenta increases your milk supply and since I had an insane amount of milk and several clogged ducts, it wasn't a great idea for me to partake yet! Side note- who else goes up 3 cup sizes post partum?? Talk about a dairy farm! Haha. 



Once I started taking them I felt so different! I had the "baby blues" most women experience in the few weeks postpartum. However, the days I would take a capsule I felt extremely level headed and not over emotional aka not crying every hour on the hour. I also had really good energy and could manage taking care of my children without falling asleep sitting up. I just felt happy and could have clear thoughts. What sleep deprived mom doesn't want that?!


My husband has also taken my placenta capsules. He said he received the same benefits that I had notice as well, minus the abundant milk supply! Haha. It improved his mood and energy for sure. 


I have heard of many women talking about their milk supply increasing when they take their capsules. I personally can't say either way since my body just makes so much milk anyways, but I would 100% believe that is a benefit as well. 


So. Should you get your placenta encapsulated?! There are many, many benefits in doing so. 

such as..........ppd, menopause...tincture... The thing about it though is, once you make the decision not to, you can't go back. You can't be 2 months into postpartum depression and then realize taking placenta would have really prevented your depression. Or your struggling milk supply. Or your brain fog. Or your complete lack of energy. 



If you would like my vote, I say do it!!


Xo, Chessa






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