Pine, Arizona for MLK Weekend!

January 17, 2018


This weekend we stayed in a cabin with 3 other families and their kids for Martin Luther King Day. It was our 4th annual snow trip for January but there wasn't any snow this year! Haha. It was still loads of fun with beautiful weather and kids running around in nature. Grateful for these friends that are always down to vacation! When you all share a house the price is very cheap divided up between the families! 



We had fun going on a nature walk, having a nerf gun fight in the woods, ice blocking, riding bikes, seeing lots of animals, breastfeeding out in nature and staying up late with friends!



The best parts about vacationing with friends are watching the kids all play with each other alllll day and have sleep overs, eating out or baking desserts together, trying new activities, staying up so late after the kids are all asleep and playing adult games, someone to take your family pictures, and other moms telling you they get you when you tell them how hard mom life is. Haha.



 Xo, Chessa







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