Date Night Ideas for an Engaged Experience

January 13, 2018


TGIF! If you have planned to go out on a date with your Lover here are some fun date night ideas! If you haven't planned a date night yet, jump on it! Your Other Half will thank you. I will share both going out and staying in ideas to accommodate both needs! Let's make connecting with our significant other a priority this year. 


Going out:


1) Go to a sports game! We recently went to the Phoenix Suns game and it has been my favorite date! Being entertained but still being able to talk the whole time and enjoy each other's company. Any sport you guys enjoy would be fun! It doesn't need to be expensive, like going to a spring training baseball game and eating hot dogs!


2) Going to an entertaining place like "Main Event" or whatever is in your area! We did this with some friends and the vibes are exciting and there are many different things to try out! We did like a spider walk above all the arcades and it was frightening but exciting! After we went bowling there. Places like that usually have a restaurant inside.




3) Going to play a sport such as batting cages, Top Golf, shooting hoops at the park, nature hike/walk or going to a work out together! Gavin and I love when we go to Crossfit together. It's like a fun game where we compete and I see how strong he is and he encourages me to push harder. Haha. But it really connects us!


Staying In: 


1) Make a fire in the backyard, roast marshmallows and star gaze with blankets set out under and one to share on top! Great for when kids are already asleep.  


2) We have this 88 questions game for couples we bought of Amazon and it's hands down my favorite! I love talking with my husband and it gets us to chat up about things we normally wouldn't have thought about! 


3) Simply just playing games with each other on the floor, ordering in, and planning for the future. We love talking about our dreams or what ifs and it's fun to connect. That being said, men and women connect differently. Women connect with emotions and men connect physically, so... just make sure everyone's needs are met! It's important for each person to feel loved in the way they receive love! Check out the book, "The Five Love Languages to learn how you and your partner receive love."


Dates don't have to be fancy. The point is to get connected with our partners after a long week of work, school, parenting, etc. Happy weekend, friends!


Xo, Chessa


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