Our First Hair Tutorial: 2 Braids into 1 Braid

January 10, 2018







Happy Wednesday! We filmed our first tutorial this weekend and Vera has been wearing this style each day! It also makes the prettiest next day waves from it so it's a 2 for 1 kind of style. I first filmed my twisted braid tutorial and Vera wanted matching hair. I did this style so it would be quickly done instead of making her sit down for 4 braids, etc. She loved it and I hope your little girl does too!


Next week I should have my braids on braids tutorial so check back! The last few days I have learned to film, use iMovie, Photoshop, Youtube, and get not copyrighted music, along with still learning my new computer. Haha so much grace is appreciated in this learning process!! Haha. Thanks for watching!


Xo, Chessa


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