Whistler, British Colombia: The Trip that got Me My Life Back!

January 2, 2018


My husband, Gavin, had earned a vacation this summer through his work and the trip was to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. After adding three kids to our family, my life was slowly falling apart up until this point! 


Our breastfed baby was just 9 months at the time so we got her a passport and got ready to take her with us. The week before her trip I had this crazy idea that I would buy organic formula/get donor milk/pump and leave her with grandma... Best decision I have ever made!



My husband and I were so calm, peaceful and adventurous during our

time away! We rarely went

on dates because I hate leaving the kids at home (not anymore :)) so this felt like a really fun long date.  The first night we went to a huge celebratory dinner with all the other top producers in my husbands company throughout the country.



The next day they had a private carnival on the side of the mountain behind the resort. If you know me well, you know I'm a chicken. I tried bungee bouncing on the trampoline and even did backflips! Then, we rode those mountain cars down the hill and everyone watching kept telling me how fast I had gone. In my mind I was thinking, "I know!!" Then my husband told me people were making fun of me for how slow I was actually going! Ha. We even jumped off a ledge and landed on a giant pillow thing. I almost broke my legs because I was too scared and didn't lift my legs up.



















Later, we rode a gondola up the mountain where the snow was. While riding up we saw some bears!! We had lunch at the top where the restaurant overlooked down the mountain. There were a ton of snowboarders around riding (this was the middle of June) and when we went back down, there were people in swim suits in the lakes and creeks at the bottom! The gondola ride was I think almost 3 miles across from one mountain top to the other!



On our anniversary we rented bikes to ride around the lakes at the bottom of the mountains. I hadn't worked out in 3 years so after five minutes of riding I jumped off my bike, dying on the side of the rode. My husband was laughing! We rode around for a few hours going for miles and it was so hard but so worth it! 





After the ride, we changed and got ready for going on a razor tour with our

group. This location was the perfect place because of all the mountains, trees and greenery!





That night we went on a date downtown and got sushi, gluten free pizza, ice cream and chocolates! My nursing baby doesn't do well when I eat dairy or soy so since I was pumping and dumping, I was on a mission to eat all my old favorite foods that I hadn't had since having her.



I would love to visit this town again! There is so much fun tourist stuff to do and everyone that works at the resorts or shops are from all over the world! My husband wants to come back and snowboard here! We came home to a sleeping through the night baby and it has completely changed our lives!! Anyone else been to Canada or have food allergies or intolerances?!

Xo, Chessa



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