Our Experience with Tongue and Lip Ties Part 1

January 2, 2018


When our third child was born, my midwife discovered a tie in her mouth and recommended getting our baby examined by a lactation consultant. When baby Avril was a few days old an Ibclc came to our house and met with us for 90 minutes. Her name is Jacqueline from Holistic Lactation. 


During the meeting, the consultant thoroughly examined my daughter and I. She watched us breastfeed, taught us proper form and went over positioning. Jacqueline weighed our baby before and after feeding to see how much she actually consumes. She checked inside Avril's mouth for ties and discovered that Avril had a tongue tie, lip tie and buccal ties. 


Jacqueline explained the process of what we would go through to revise all of Avril's ties and who she recommended for the revision. She also suggested that we see a chiropractor that did body work (cranial sacral) a few days before and after the procedures. 


At just 10 days old, we had our appointment with the dentist. She consulted with us, took pictures, explained how they would remove the ties and had us watch a video on after care. 


The dentist and her assistant took her back to a little room where they had the laser for the revisions. The procedure took 5 minutes total and I was immediately able to comfort my baby and nurse her. My sweet baby smelt like burning flesh (ahh!) but wasn't too worked up. 



We started nursing right away and she nursed. so. differently. What?? Nursing could be so gentle and soft and not feel like a starving tiny animal was at your breast?! Haha. But wow. The calmest experience and I was so grateful because I knew in the long run this would be incredible for her and even me as well. 


So when a person gets their ties revised it usually is done with a laser these days. The laser cauterizes the skin and also numbs it, simultaneously. The skin won't bleed and the patient won't feel pain. The challenging part of this whole process is the after care! For the next 2 weeks you are stretching their wound every 4 hours around the clock, no matter what. If you fail to do the stretches properly, the ties could reverse and you will be at square one. 


After 2 weeks we had our follow up appointment and our dentist told us we would continue stretching for about 2 months I believe but less times a day, about every 12 hours i think? Mom brain! 


Overall our experience was very positive. We had great results and had incredible support. Our lactation consultant came back to our house to check on our baby as well. More on what that lead to in an other post!


Costs: (Mom brain so just estimates)

Lactation consultant 90 minute visit: about $150

Dentist- Consultation, Lip and tongue tie revision: around $700 (our insurance covered the rest)

Chiropractor: $30 per visit

Lactation consultant visit #2: around $100

Most insurances will reimburse you if you saw a lactation consultant. So worth it!

Happy nursing baby and not getting mastitis again: Priceless! Haha. 


Xo, Chessa 





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