My First HypnoBabies Birth!

December 23, 2017


My first natural birth was almost 6 years ago! The day I delivered my son changed every aspect of my life. The whole experience really shaped how I think about myself today and how I feel about motherhood.


I was 21 when I got pregnant so I was one of the first women to have a child out of my friends. Luckily, I had a great family to help me learn about pregnancy and birth.  I decided I wanted a natural birth and my sister in law, Ashley, told me she had some friends use hypnosis for childbirth. I wasn't particularly brave, but I was very determined! 


I researched hypnosis for birth and came across two options. Hypnobirthing and HypnoBabies. I chose the latter because it seemed very in depth and very specific of what to do to train my mind. We didn't have a lot of money at the time but my husband supported me and we found a used at home study course for $100 off Craigslist. 


I was so thrilled and took my studying very seriously. I was already 35 weeks along at the time and the course was 6 weeks long. I studied everyday for an hour each day for 6 weeks and even doubled up on some sessions to get them all in. Luckily I went to 41 weeks before I delivered my son! Haha. 



"My natural unmedicated child birth was a success! At 41 weeks exactly, I woke up at 5:30 am. At about 6:00 am I started having strong birthing waves. I walked around the house and took a shower in those next two hours. I had my husband call my midwife to inform her that I was in my birthing time. Towards the end of the phone call I was having birthing waves 3-5 minutes apart (I didn't time them exactly. I was a bit busy... you know, having them). I knew I was in transition. 


I wanted to stay home as long as possible before going to the hospital. 

I did. My birthing time progressed very quickly. 

"THUNDER CATS ARE GO!!" said Gavin.


We left for the hospital at about 7:45. We got there at 8:15. Good thing we took the "race car" as Gavin calls it. It wasn't an ideal time to be stuck in a car.


When we pulled up to the entrance I felt like my baby was going to fall out! I was rushing to the wheel chair saying "My baby's coming out!!" The nurse helping us panicked! We basically skipped signing in/registering since I kept saying this phrase. They hurried me to triage where we were met by the most amazing nurse, Joni. I asked her if I could have the room with the birthing tub (there's only one at Mercy Gilbert). My wonderful midwife already reserved it for us. :) I sat on the bed and she strapped the monitors on me to check how Gram was handling everything. I wanted to push him out! I didn't have time to be monitored. She checked to see how dilated and effaced I was. I was at 7cm. YES! As she was finishing up, my water broke. Umm...YES?! She asked if i wanted to labor in the tub. It wasn't finished being filled up yet and I knew I didn't have time for that. While she was getting everything ready, I kept telling her I need to get up and push! She said they had to monitor me for at least ten minutes. I said no because this baby was coming! She checked me again and it was time. My midwife, Ramona, had arrived. We didn't have time to give anyone our birth plan since our bags where still in the car. Ramona knew exactly what
I wanted though. Lights dimmed, soft voices, and no drugs. It was such an ideal birth. My husband, mom, and mother-in-law were all present. I pushed for about 45 minutes but it only seemed like 10. At 10:17 am baby Gram entered the world. 



Since I was doing Hypnobabies, I was able to birth my baby with zero pain. My whole pregnancy I only read and listened to positive birth stories. I only imagined having an ideal childbirth experience. I imagined I would be in early labor during my sleep. Then I would wake up during transition and I would arrive at the hospital when I was 6-7cm. I pictured myself having my baby by noon. The mind is a powerful thing, right? 


I've really been blessed with an easy pregnancy, fast childbirth, and a healthy newborn. We love being parents and taking care of our sweet baby." -Written in 2011


 Xo, Chessa


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